Prolific Chicago DJ/Producer/Label Head Andre Harris (“10 Things Not To Say To A DJ”) has just dropped another smoking hot joint that we here at UGHTV think you need to hear: “Uh” is a funky house stomper designed to blow-up the floor.  Have a listen by clicking on the link to Traxsource.comCAN I GET A WITNESS!!!



Most DJ laptop stands are ugly-looking contraptions designed only to fufill the base functional requirements involved in balancing a computer over a mixer.  Some of them look like ‘HI I’M DAN CAN I HELP YOU?” haunting aisle 7 of your local Home Depot decided to gather up some parts from the overstock cabinet and screw it together during his lunch break.  For those of you that have been waiting for an über-stylish alternative that not only looks KILLER but is the MOST STABLE and WELL-DESIGNED stand one could possibly imagine… meet The CRANE STAND.  This thing KICKS TOTAL ASS… 


This track is catchy as hell, and the video…. ahhhh, the video….. let’s just say I’M DIGGING IT! “Something For The Weekend” is the second single off of Ben Westbeech’s forthcoming album “There’s More To Life Than This.”  Produced by Enzyme Black (Danny J Lewis ~ London Underground House Producer/DJ extraordinaire), “Something For The Weekend” is a house-inspired, disco-tinged feelgood groove that’s a perfect prelude to any weekend.
You can pre-order the single from the link below –
You can pre-order the album from the link below – Continue reading


This tantalizingly short 1999 teaser showcasing the skills of international DJ superstar SUPER GREG single-handedly turned the DJ world on it’s head.  Very shortly after SUPER GREG exploded onto the global DJ scene, he quickly disappeared,  and rumors that this Master Selector had decided to go deep deep underground began being whispered ear-to-ear in house clubs & parties.  Soon this news began circulating on house music chat sites such as ‘Deep House Pages” where an underwear-only clad DJ elite sit silently in front of their glowing computer screens while typing out judgement on those not registered to use their hallowed forums.  SUPER GREG left us all with a brief impression of his insane greatness burned into the collective consciousness of DJs around the planet, most of whom must now trudge onward in the massive shadow of the unibrowed one that came before….. like a BOSS.





STYLES:  Funky, Sexy, Jazzy, Classic CHICAGO House

SHOW TIMES:  SATURDAYS 2-4pm PST/4-7pm CST/5-8pm EST/10-1am UK

1982: Started mixing music up on my Commodore 64 to recording radio shows and sending them to my friends in Florida. Over the years, I worked with various friends to erect a studio with reel-to-reel, 8-track, cassette, and other various forms of Linear editing equipment. Over my pre-teen and teenage years, my tech friends and I manipulated many formats, and actually broadcast real radio shows using equipment suitable for neighborhood listening via radio.

1993: I met a DJ by the name of DJ Gemini Aka Chris Pappas. Chris has been a loyal family friend that got me into mixing records and manipulating vinyl records. At this time, I had bought my first 4 channel mixer with built in sampler and 2 used Technics 1200s from “Fat Sams” an old bar I worked at. We used Mini-Disk at the time to record our sessions. Continue reading


“This Is Acid” by Maurice & The Posse Featuring Hot Hands Hula (released on Trax Records) and performed during the video below on the ‘Manic Monday Dance USA Party’.  Oh yeah, that’s Maurice…as in Maurice Joshua. You might have heard of him, but if not… go here.  The version of “This Is Acid” embedded below is the more popular Todd Terry production… compare that to the little-known original underground “acid” version, which can be heard here.


I’ve given up on verbally describing HOUSE to people that ask me “What is House Music?“.  I used to tell people that House is a constantly evolving style of dance music with many branches that has it’s roots in the production elements of 70’s disco/80’s electronica, furthered along by advances in recording & production technologies, created/incubated/melded in Chicago/New York/Jersey/Detroit,  then migrated around the planet and back again while absorbing multiple influences as it sonically unites people of all beliefs/nationalities/sexualities through the spiritual power that it can produce within our bodies/hearts/souls/minds blah blah blah BLAH BLAH!…. now I just say “LISTEN TO THE MUSIC AND YOU’LL FEEL IT“… and then if I have to I direct them to Wikipedia for a solidly linear left-brain answer to “What is HOUSE MUSIC?

"Not Everyone Understands House Music, Its a Spiritual Thing, a Body Thing, a Soul Thing"