Steve Angello performs at Dance Valley 2011… is it LIVE or is it MEMOREX?  This video of Angello seemingly ‘performing‘ has been making the rounds recently and provoking a slew of  mostly outraged viewers to post their reactions in the ‘comments’ section.  Typical comment:  “he does not change CD ONCE…this is a fact you are physically viewing a man somehow able to change tunes with what it seems also no flash drives plugged in…there is no two ways about this….i supported him up until this very moment”.   The comments sections is definitely an entertaining read, and in his defense Angello counters with “Don’t you have better things to do then make up bullshit to write about me faking a whole set when i just explained that it was the last 11 mins of my set…”(UPDATE:  YouTube has been removing all of the Steve Angello ‘Fake DJ’ videos claiming audio copyright infringement.. if you want to see the original clip which is being removed over and over again from YouTube you can check it out here:  Original Steve Angello ‘Fake DJ’ video

Here is the Angello ‘Fake DJ’ video with the sound removed:


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