This tantalizingly short 1999 teaser showcasing the skills of international DJ superstar SUPER GREG single-handedly turned the DJ world on it’s head.  Very shortly after SUPER GREG exploded onto the global DJ scene, he quickly disappeared,  and rumors that this Master Selector had decided to go deep deep underground began being whispered ear-to-ear in house clubs & parties.  Soon this news began circulating on house music chat sites such as ‘Deep House Pages” where an underwear-only clad DJ elite sit silently in front of their glowing computer screens while typing out judgement on those not registered to use their hallowed forums.  SUPER GREG left us all with a brief impression of his insane greatness burned into the collective consciousness of DJs around the planet, most of whom must now trudge onward in the massive shadow of the unibrowed one that came before….. like a BOSS.


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