“I first heard the incredible sounds of up-and-coming UK Producer Sweeney ‘Soulman T’ about 2 years ago, when fellow Chicago-area DJ Kelvin ‘DJ KELVINTHE1’ Anderson opened up one of his podcast mixes with “The Way Its Gotta Be (Original Mix)”.   It was as if somebody grabbed me by my heart & soul and demanded my full attention.  What I was hearing was a powerful slice of old-skool-meets-modern-vibe underground house… 8 heavenly minutes of a classic-sounding melodic build infused with a minimalistic sensibility and carried along by a relentless driving kick and a drum kit that doesn’t make it full presence known until a good 3:04 into the damn track!  I instantly contacted Kelvin and asked (more like demanded) him to ID the track for me, fully expecting to be given the run-around for requesting what must have been one of his most treasured silver bullets.

     Kel’s not only graciously ID’d the track for me, but also offered to put me in touch with the man who created this incredible music!  Hell yeah!  Soulman turned out to be a super cool, humble, accessible (but known to disappear off the radar from time-to-time) and TRUE underground house cat to his core.  I began to play many of his tracks in my mixes, and more than a few times I had excited house DJ’s from all over the world contacting me (“That song is “I See How It Is (Sanna Virus Mix)”!!!…  Do you know Soulman T???…  Can you get that track for me???”).  I’ve been a super-fan ever since that day I heard “The Way Its Gotta Be (Original Mix)”….. now it’s time to share the knowledge…….” Continue reading


Karizma “4 The Love (The Main Vocal Club Mix)”

You know, there have been many attempts to do what it is we’re doing. Right here, Right now. Today. All of us here together, strictly for the love of house music. For the love of house. For the love of beats. For the love of dance. Strictly for the love. Strictly for the L.O.V.E. Yeahhh. The Galactic Mind. For the Love. For the love of the music. For the love of the sound. Strictly for the love of house music. Most people don’t even understand. That’s why we are all here together… to let everybody know that HOUSE MUSIC LIVES. Because we LOVE it. Because we NEED it. Because we just HAVE to have it.


FYI ~ DJ Words of WISDOM

UGHTV brings you more knowledge dropped by MasterDj TonySoul (靈魂大師):

“Every set is a demo. Every mix is your production. Every time you play its a rehearsal. When you play live, its an audition. You never know who is listening. No time to bullshit. Must stay sharp whether there is ONE viewer, or 700. YOU NEVER KNOW…. That one viewer may own 9 clubs in the South of France. But you was bullshitting since you didnt see many viewers on the screen. YOU LOSE. Just saying..”

photograph by aimee.slates via Flickr


Check out this video recording of DEADMAU5 rocking the Windy City with 2 sold out concerts at Chicago’s Aaragon Ballroom this past weekend.  DEADMAU5 was off-the-damn-hook and the as you can see by the video that the crowd was completely losing their sh*t … EPIC!!!!

“DJs! If You Want It, You Better Take It!”

Antoine Simpson, Chicago-based house music lover AND outspoken blogger is a house-head we think is worth following because everything we’ve seen written by this cat clearly comes from the heart.  He just posted a new article over at Househeadspeaks.com that we think is not only worth the quick read, but may ruffle a few feathers.  “DJs! If You Want It, You Better Take It!” contains Antoine’s strong perspective along with words-of-warning and wisdom for every DJ trying to break into their local scene.  Click the link and read about what you may be up against and how to fight against it…. and while you are at it, subscribe to his blog, join his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter because this house-head is already doing so and suggests you do the same!!!  🙂


AMON TOBIN ~ LIVE @ Congress Theater in Chicago 10/21/11

Visionary Electronic DJ/Producer Amon Tobin’s ‘ISAM’  live show

AMON TOBIN @ CONGRESS THEATER Chicago Friday 10/21/11

launched in June of this year and by all accounts it is a truly spectacular

melding of sound & light.  A friend of mine turned me on to Tobin’s vision a

few months back due to his brother having worked on some of the computer

animation for the live show. Tickets for this Friday’s 10/21/11 show at the

Congress Theater are almost sold-out (as of 10/18/11) so if you want to go

you gotta’ pull the trigger now!


For more info and tour dates visit  http://www.amontobin.com/home

A peak at how Amon Tobin uses spectral morph to create some of his unique sounds…

FYI ~ JEFF MILLS ‘Exhibitionist’

Check out American Techno DJ/Producer Jeff Mills mix on 3 turntables during this 10 minute excerpt from his 2004 DVD “Exhibitionist”.  During his live performances the Detroit-born Mills usually mixes on 3 decks and is known to spin up to 70 records in one hour.  We found this quote in the comments section for this video to be quite fitting considering the mastery contained within:

“All you kids who can click options on VirtualDJ and think you have skills……. You don’t know the meaning of “achievement” – the sheer insane joy of putting the old track in it’s sleeve in the record crate, fishing out the slab you want next, changing your mind, getting another one out instead, throwing in onto the deck, frantically trying to get the pitch right, using your fingers to fine tune the beat match before and during the mix…..and hearing it all come together. You know nothing”.  Posted by Zog26