FYI ~ JEFF MILLS ‘Exhibitionist’

Check out American Techno DJ/Producer Jeff Mills mix on 3 turntables during this 10 minute excerpt from his 2004 DVD “Exhibitionist”.  During his live performances the Detroit-born Mills usually mixes on 3 decks and is known to spin up to 70 records in one hour.  We found this quote in the comments section for this video to be quite fitting considering the mastery contained within:

“All you kids who can click options on VirtualDJ and think you have skills……. You don’t know the meaning of “achievement” – the sheer insane joy of putting the old track in it’s sleeve in the record crate, fishing out the slab you want next, changing your mind, getting another one out instead, throwing in onto the deck, frantically trying to get the pitch right, using your fingers to fine tune the beat match before and during the mix…..and hearing it all come together. You know nothing”.  Posted by Zog26


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