Creator of pioneering online house music show and UGHTV resident DJ 4EVER turned us on to this 8-minute Columbia College Student Documentary Film titled “Virtual DJ Documentary”.  It contains many interesting viewpoints & insights from a number of Chicago-based DJ/Producers including DJ 4EVER, Tony Technics, DJ B Coolouts and more.  CHECK IT OUT….



Name: DJ Gemini 3rd Eye aka Mr. Jackie Smith


Location: Queens (NYC)

Personal message: Its your favorite cuzzo, lets go!

UGHTV Show times: DA MIDNIGHT HOUSE RUSH ~ Fridays 9-11pm PST/11-1am CST/12-2am EST/5-7am UK

Styles: Deep, Techno, Dance, Club, Gospel, Electronica

Influences: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The creation of good music, all my music teachers, and DJ Mike Lover

Experience: I always had a love of music. Since the early 90’s I have been DJing basement parties and clubs. Took a break from music when I had my baby girl and now its time to take it to the next level! I love playing good music and enjoy watching party people on the dance floor! Lets go!


DJ GEMINI3rdEYE (NYC) ~ DA MIDNIGHT HOUSE RUSH ~ Fridays 9-11pm PST/11-1am CST/12-2am EST/5-7am UK


Dennis Romero over at LAWeekly Blogs just published an article under the DJ Culture section titled “World’s Douchiest DJs: The Top Five”.  Tags under the article include ‘haterade’…. check it out and see if your favorite DJ is among the douchiest… my personal favorite didn’t make the list because apparently he’s not really considered a ‘DJ’ (pictured below)

LOL. Just LOL.


COLT!LIVE (Germany)

COLT!LIVE (Germany) 

STYLES:  Tech, Minimal, Dub, Techno, Deep

Some facts about “Colt!”:

I was born in 1976 in the GDR (German Democratic Republic).

I started to make music in 1999. I liked to go to party, dance all night long…….and I was interested in “the other side of the floor”.  At first I thought “I must be a DJ”.  After a short time I knew that I  must produce my own style and I must perform this as a live act!

I had my first gigs at my own parties to learn how to handle the crowd.  It then grew step by step and I was soon getting gigs with musicians from all over world such as: Matthias Kaden, Chris Liebing, Marks Kavka, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Reboot, Das Krause Duo, Alex Smoke, Claude van Stroke, along with my live set on the 2nd Sunday of each month on

Colt!live at 7years club-zooma 30/09/2011


I have released my sounds on different labels including Elster-Records, Traxacid Italy, Daso Records, Eve Und Shack Lmited.


Sometimes I work together with other musicians who play trumpet, drums, bassguitar, and didgeridoo… or with Andre Kurz and his “Traktor” on 4 decks!

My equipment is a MacBook, a Novation SLMk2 controller and a Tascam UC-144 soundcard. show times:  Airs the 2nd Saturday of each month ~ 9-11am PST/11am-1pm CST/12-2pm EST/5-7pm UK/6-8pm CET

You can hear my entire discography at  ///