Creator of pioneering online house music show and UGHTV resident DJ 4EVER turned us on to this 8-minute Columbia College Student Documentary Film titled “Virtual DJ Documentary”.  It contains many interesting viewpoints & insights from a number of Chicago-based DJ/Producers including DJ 4EVER, Tony Technics, DJ B Coolouts and more.  CHECK IT OUT….



  1. I love my SL1210’s
    but….evolution to controllers is what happened for me
    my first love will be with wax ALWAYS
    dj’s have become too comfortable in the dj booth when a laptop is present
    if I go to a show-see a laptop in front of a dj… I then goto to the promoter and ask for my money back
    I can see digital dj’s most any time-nothing wrong with it but-it’s not what I wanna see in a in person show…online dj’ing…I have no problem with controller dj’ing
    If DJ has become too commercial….who do we blame? ANSWER: ourselves

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