DJ JULIO C. (São Paulo, Brazil) ~ Tech, Deep, Jackin’ ~ TUESDAYS: 3-5pm PST/5-7pm CST/6-8pm EST/21:00-23:00 Brazil/11-1am UK

DJ SPENCE:CHICAGO (Chicago USA) ~ HOUSE DOPE SESSIONS ~ Deep, Soulful, Classic, Latin, Tech, Jackin’ ~ ALTERNATE TUESDAYS: 5-7pm PST/7-9pm CST/8-10pm EST/23:00-01:00 Brazil/1-3am UK

~~ Alternating every other Tuesday with ~~

_X_PANDER (San Francisco, CA) ~ Futuristic Electronic Porno Music ~ ALTERNATE TUESDAYS: 5-7pm PST/7-9pm CST/8-10pm EST/23:00-01:00 Brazil/1-3am UK

NEW SHOW!!! Debut date TBA:  DJ SHAN (Chicago USA) – AFFLUENCE ~ Underground Electro House ~ TUESDAYS: 7-9pm PST/9-11pm CST/10-12am EST/01:00-03:00 Brazil/3-5am UK


WEDNESDAY 6-8pm CST is our last prime-time domestic slot available for the right DJ. Contact info@undergroundhouse.tv for details.  (Other days/times are available)

DJ CHRIS PAPPAS (Western Michigan) ~ UTOPIA ~ Funky Deep Soulful Jazzy Grooves ~ WEDNESDAYS: 6-9pm PST/8-11pm CST/9-12pm EST/00:00-03:00 Brazil/2-5am UK


☛ NEW SHOW!!!  DJ FERNDOG & DJ KANMAT (South Texas, USA) ~ MI CASA TU CASA ~ Tech, Prog, Electro, Dutch, Funky HOUSE ~ THURSDAYS: 4-6pm PST/6-8pm CST/7-9pm EST/22:00-24:00 Brazil/12-2am UK

NICK HAMMER (San Francisco, CA) ~ SOUND THERAPY SESSIONS ~ Classic, Jackin, Funky, Soulful ~ THURSDAYS: 6-8pm PST/8-10pm CST/9-11pm EST/00:00-02:00 Brazil/2-4am UK

ANGELONERZ (Chicago USA) ~ Jackin, Old/New Skool ~ THURSDAYS: 8-10pm PST/10pm-12 CST/11-1am EST/4-6am UK (Souljackdigital.com & Back2Basics.com)


☛ NEW SHOW!!!  MYKE SHYTOWNE (Chicago, USA) ~ HOUSE PEARLS ~ Multiple genres of HOUSE ~ FRIDAYS: 4-6pm PST/6-8pm CST/7-9pm EST/22:00-24:00 Brazil/12-2am UK

DJ MIKE LOVER (NYC) ~ THE AFTER WORK HOUSE PARTY ~ Soulful, Deep, Tech, Funky, Club ~ FRIDAYS: 6-9pm PST/8-11pm CST/9pm-12 EST/00:00-03:00 Brazil/2-5am UK

DJ GEMINI3rdEYE (NYC) ~ DA MIDNIGHT HOUSE RUSH ~ Deep, Techno, Dance, Club, Gospel, Electronica ~ FRIDAYS: 9-11pm PST/11-1am CST/12-2am EST/5-7am UK


{RETURNS 1/7/2012} DJ 4EVER (Chicago) ~ CHITOWNVIBES  ~ Old Skool, Club, Latin ~ SATURDAYS: 11am-2pm PST/1-4pm CST/2-5pm EST/17:00-20:00 Brazil/7-10pm UK {Simulcast}

DJ PSYKO-M1 (Chicago) ~ Funky, Sexy, Jazzy, Classic CHICAGO House ~ SATURDAYS: 2-5pm PST/4-7pm CST/5-8pm EST/20:00-23:00 Brazil/10pm-1am UK

{RETURNS 1/7/2012} ED NINE, DJ MEROJSQUARE (South Side of CHICAGO) ~ MIDWAY HUSTLE ~ Funky, Jackin, Disco, Tech ~ SATURDAYS: 5-8pm PST/7-10pm CST/8-11pm EST/23:00-02:00 Brazil/1-4am UK


{RETURNS 1/29/2012} ROACH (Switzerland) ~ WELCOME TO MY HOUSE ~ Deep/Tribal Tech, Techno ~ SUNDAYS: 8-10am PST/10am-12pm CST/11am-1pm EST/14:00-16:00 Brazil/4-6pm UK/5-7pm GMT

NEW SHOW!!! Debuts 1/15/12:  MEGA MIX B-MAN (Brooklyn, New York) ~ THE CLASSIC ZONE! ~ Classic House, Dance House, R&B ~ SUNDAYS: 10am-12 PST/12-2pm CST/1-3pm EST/16:00-18:00 Brazil/6-8pm UK

DEE JAY E (New Jersey USA) ~ S.O.U.L. = SOUNDS OF UNDERGROUND LIVE ~ Soulful House ~ 2nd, 4th & 5th SUNDAYS: 2-6pm PST/4-8pm CST/5-9pm EST/20:00-24:00 Brazil/10pm-2am UK ~

{RETURNS 1-15-2012} AFTERGLOW (Fontana, CA) ~ Christian underground house music DJ’s and producers ~ 1st & 3rd SUNDAYS: 6-8pm PST/8-10pm CST/9-11pm EST/2-4am UK

COLT!LIVE (Germany) ~ Tech, Minimal, Dub, Techno, Deep ~ Airs the 2nd Saturday of each month ~ 9-11am PST/11am-1pm CST/12-2pm EST/15:00-17:00 Brazil/5-7pm UK/6-8pm CET

TECHTURES (Fontana, CA) ~ A blend of Deep, Minimal & Tribal House Beats w/AMUSE ~ Floating air times


Our live feed is embedded on TheFunkyPlanet.comSoulJackDigital.com


We are now taking applications from DJ’s located across the pond (and elsewhere outside the United States) that want their own weekly live streaming video show. 2-hour weekday slots are available Tuesday-Friday between 2-6pm CST/8pm-Midnight UK, and 2-hour Sunday slots between 2-4pm CST/8-10pm UK (including bi-weekly Sunday slots, contact for details). Interested  DJ’s are welcome to contact us via email at info@undergroundhouse.tv {serious inquires only please}

CONTACT ~ info@undergroundhouse.tv


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