Thursdays on watch:

DJ FERNDOG & DJ KANMAT (South Texas, USA) ~ MI CASA TU CASA ~ Tech, Prog, Electro, Dutch, Funky CLUB HOUSE ~ THURSDAYS: 4-6pm PST/6-8pm CST/7-9pm EST/22:00-24:00 Brazil/12-2am UK

NICK HAMMER (San Francisco, CA) ~ SOUND THERAPY SESSIONS ~ Classic, Jackin, Funky, Soulful ~ THURSDAYS: 6-8pm PST/8-10pm CST/9-11pm EST/00:00-02:00 Brazil/2-4am UK

ANGELONERZ (Chicago USA) ~ Jackin, Old/New Skool ~ THURSDAYS: 8-10pm PST/10pm-12 CST/11-1am EST/02:00-04:00 Brazil/4-6am UK ( &


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