Simon Cowell set to ‘find the world’s greatest DJs’


Worlds Greatest DJ (based on pay-scale)

If you thought you were disgusted when you heard the Jersey Shores’ Situation becoming a Dj was bad news, how did you feel when you found out he makes up to 30k for a set?  ill wait while you run to the your bathroom for a safe place to expulse your lunch….

Back? good. So if youre still with me I hope you’ve left any necessary doors open because as it turns out the world of Dj-ing and the interwebs has delivered yet more news to proverbially blow our minds yet again, and this time the name Simon Cowell is all over it! It seems Simon is currently putting a show together in which he will be looking for the next superstar Dj. Thats right! the same man who ruined not just television but also music, and to some extents parts of American Culture, is now interested in bringing his “ahem” expertise to the Dj booth.

Simon Cowell: Worlds Greatest Authority on DJ Talent

Dj’s from all over the world have taken to their facebooks and twitters (and blogs) to spread the word that this, this very project which could very well be spoon-fed to millions of television and interweb screens all over the world further corrupting the ideas of young minds of what dj-ing should be. But thats just one of the reasons why this show is a bad idea: for example who does this guy think he is assuming that he knows anything about the craft or culture that comes along with the word Dj? Did he just meet Guetta one time and all of a sudden come up with this dreadful idea?

To further worsen matters, the commercialization that would come with this show would be YUGE! and to have a guy that has already raped the British and American radio and television waves just come and try to do the same thing to our underground community is just- its hard to describe the awfulness of this project… Remember what “Twilight” did to vampires? ya. it feels kinda like that.

UGHTV Comment:  I think we have a winner…..


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An EPIC HOUSE PARTY went down on today (Sunday 1/8/12). ….. UNDERGROUND SESSIONS REUNION.  Big thanks to DEEJAY E!, DJ BELOVED, DJ SWEET, DJ ROB SEVILLE, ANTOINE the Voice of Soul, and all of the other guest DJs!!!  We reached 50+ views, and averaged about 45 current views for most the show… GREAT SHOW!!!



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‘Three Decades of House Music Tribute Mix Series’ ~ Mr. Fabulous-DJ FM

I first met Juan Roman aka Mr. Fabulous-DJ FM when I was invited to guest DJ on DJ 4EVER‘s long-running streaming video show

Mr. Fabulous-DJ FM

Though I had never met him before, I had been a fan of his mixes on WCRX 88.1 FM‘s long running underground music show “Masters In The Mix“.   To my ears, the 30 minute WCRX mixes put together by Mr. Fabulous-DJ FM are total ear-candy, a high-energy blend of old skool cuts that make you say “Mannn I haven’t heard THAT in a long time!“, raw tunes with 808 & 909 drum machine beats, classic soulful/vocal/club house tracks, and of course the tastiest latin house tunes you can imagine.

So after my guest set on Chitownvibes, I maintained contact with DJ 4EVER via our mutual connection as resident DJs on the ‘Masters In The Mix‘ show.  Eventually 4EVER and I agreed to collaborate by having his long-running show simulcast on my upstart new streaming video station,  As luck would have it, it turned out that DJ FM was 4EVER‘s co-host on the show, meaning that had the pleasure of watching DJ FM mixing live on our station every Saturday afternoon 1-4pm CST (DJ FM usually gets on the decks for the last hour).  Which leads me to this….

If there is one cat in Chicago who has a deep respect for the legacy of those who came before and blazed pathways, understands who the original producers were and what tracks they created that contributed to the evolution of this music we love so much, this music we call HOUSE…. one cat who can present it all in one package with so much energy, passion, style and love that you just can’t resist it…. that mixologist would be Mr. Fabulous-DJ FM.

So let me share something with you that, if you call yourself a HouseHead, you are going to fucking LOVE:  The first 2 releases in the multi-part ‘Three Decades of House Music Tribute Mix Series‘ mixed by Mr. Fabulous-DJ FM.  These free mixes are not just an amazing compilation of the ‘history of house music’, but as enjoyable to listen to as they are educational.  ENJOY!!!!  ~ DJ SPENCE:CHICAGO

Three Decades of House Music Tribute Mix Series Pt 1 ~ Mr.Fabulous-DJ FM

Three Decades of House Music Tribute Mix Series Pt 2 ~ Mr.Fabulous-DJ FM