Dennis Ferrer was kicked off the decks at uber-douchebag Miami nightclub Mansion this past weekend for not playing “commercial enough” house music.  

What moron would book a house legend like Ferrer if they were so concerned about appealing to the no-nothings and douchebags/ douchebaguettes???  You’ve got to read the story as it was written up over on Miami New Times.

Check out his before-and-after tweets….

Here we have Dennis’s account of what went down and how he felt about it as posted on Deep House Page:

“Hi Everyone,

I haven’t been on here for a minute…I hope everyone is well.
Gettin’ taken off decks is quite a sobering and humbling experience and
one i shall not want to be repeated. No matter who you might be. It
seems as though it was what it was. Kinda funny in the end.
Tunes I
played that were considered not commercial enough:

Storm Queen “look right through” (jamie jones rmx)

Phil Weeks “Jack to my Groove”

Subb_an “This Place” (Nic Fanciulli rmx)

GATDAMN RIGHT it ain’t commercial enough…lmao

Now some of y’all will say…”but D…why take that booking?” explanation as follows…

it was reported that they were willing to try a bit of a directional
reversal. It was even twittered by many as so….We had played there
twice before trying to develop something and it seemed to be working
out..but people come and people go and directions get switched in an
hour! LOL.

I threw my hands up and got asked to be off after around 40 minutes…no
harm no foul..I laughed..tweeted.. got over my initial anger and kept
it moving. Sad though to see tons of beautiful young people being force
fed what I tend to believe is a misrepresentation of the EDM culture.
But wtf.. who am I to say what sounds good and doesn’t…everyone has
got opinions like they have what again? lol.

Oh and regarding the interview…just wanted to say that no disrespect
was intended. Those who know me know I try my best not to be a d*ck. I
come from the same scene and please believe me when I say my heart is
still here …I’d love nothing better than to do my best imitation of
Burt Bacharach and do complex orchestrations to the chants of Orixas but
reality is a true bitch. Simple. Just being honest.

with love



To hear that this can happen to a legend like Dennis Ferrer makes me believe that some way, some how…. it is time for the true house-heads and the DJs they love to REBOOT THE WHOLE DAMN CLUB SCENE! FIND AND DEVELOP UNDERGROUND HOUSE SHOWS IN NEW VENUES IN YOUR COMMUNITIES, AND SUPPORT THE SHOWS. BREAK FREE OF THE CLIQUES THAT MAY HAVE THE GOOD PLACES LOCKED DOWN… START NEW SCENES.  The equipment many not be good at these places.. you may have to bring your own…. but if you can find a bar owner willing to give your HOUSE SHOW a shot… TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. CREATE NEW SCENES.


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