Master DJ TonySoul

by MasterDj TonySoul on Monday, June 13, 2011

Playing to an internet audience has its own set of pressures different than the club. In the club you are playing to people that had maybe 1 or 2 choices of places to go to hearing House Music. They hear you and go home. On the Net there are hundreds of choices. So to hold 45-150 maybe 300 viewers that could be watching Dennis Ferrer on youtube instead is great. But then folks check the recording. If you are lucky, maybe a few hundred to a few thousand times more. Are you going to play the same tunes each time? After the club, thats it. No rewinding, no checking the visuals again. Watching facial expressions, intensity levels. Unless of course you are taped by someone who then posts it to youtube. But when you do one of these many internet radio shows, you are putting yourself out there to folks around the world. As a DJ I think thats dope.  No matter if you are a bedroom DJ, or Mark Farina. Ive played all over the U.S., and after decades of playing, finally got to play overseas. But there is really no experience like showing your love of the game to the world to see when and where ever they want. I’ve had cats watch my shows from their Ipod in Greece. WTF? I come from the Mixed Tape Era. Like TAPES… So this shit is incredible to my old ass. My first mixed tape I ever did was on a Reel to Reel tape. Now I can go on line and see exactly where in the world people are downloading my mixes. Now cats are in the chat room from Turkey giving props if the mixes are tight. You gotta love it. I’m sure some of the DJs that are regularly featured on the Net these days may not even understand the depths of this. But I stood on corners passing out my tapes, inserting tapes into new clothes at stores, dropping tapes into cars who’s windows were open in parking lots, trying to reach anyone I could with my flavor. So I marvel at this craziness. And as much as I enjoy when I get paid to rock a party, I do this to make people feel good. Thats the number one reason. Not to impress other DJs (although thats real cool, and another topic entirely) Not to milk my own ego. Not to hear some of my favorite tunes loud in a club. Not to be seen. Not to be in the club with the Hot Chicks, Not for the free drinks, Not for the status, but to make people feel good. To turn up the level of intensity in my show to make people feel good. Feel emotional even. There arent many professions that equal this one. Without drugs or sex, you have the opportunity to make people feel good. This is rare my friends, and one that should be cherished.

Which brings me back to my point.

The next time you see a DJ online, rewind, check for different things to see if this cat is truly trying to make you feel good. Check his or her intensity level. Is he or she waving their hands in the air at the crowd because they are loving the attention? Or are they waving their hands and dancing to the grooves they are creating or rocking because it feels good? Dont let my wife or landlord hear this, but if I never made another dime off DJing, it wouldnt make a difference (trust me, I have been tested on this several times in my career) As long as there is an outlet to make people feel good? I’ll be dancing my ass off with my decks whether there is one viewer or 700 viewers.

Its for the love of the music…..

The Soul Doctor…

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