Myke ShyTowne has been a “MULTI-GENRE” DJ & Mixologist in and out of The Chicagoland Area for 18+ years.

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MYKE SHYTOWNE {Photo By: KTrusco Art | Design | Photography}

From Chicago, Myke ShyTowne ventured into many various styles of HOUSE music. “Since I was moving away from the minimal hardcore sounds at the time, I needed a new sound. Being from Chicago, I started getting attached to the Chicago Hard House sound. I started listening to the B-96 FM weekend mixes (you remember the ones with Bad Boy Bill, Tim “Spinnin” Schomer, Julian “Jumpin” Perez, etc.) not to forget the sounds of D.J. Trajic, Fast Eddie, P-Jay, DJ Bam Bam, DJ Attack, Hot Mix 5 mixes … there are so many…!”

Thus, liking the Chicago Hard House sounds, Myke ShyTowne constructed mixes for people featuring labels such as Underground Construction (UC), Jasper Stone, Abstract Records and more. “During this time, I was also interested in Progressive, Trance, Techno, Breaks, Jungle, DnB, Nu-Style (Hardstyle – 97′ and on) Dub and others – I do not know how many times I’ve broken my bank account picking records out from multiple genre stacks just to get enough music for one 60 minute mix!” After Electronic Dance Music mutated into many sub-genres – somewhere between the late 90’s early 00’s – Myke ShyTowne found himself inside a candy store! Continue reading



Creator of pioneering online house music show and UGHTV resident DJ 4EVER turned us on to this 8-minute Columbia College Student Documentary Film titled “Virtual DJ Documentary”.  It contains many interesting viewpoints & insights from a number of Chicago-based DJ/Producers including DJ 4EVER, Tony Technics, DJ B Coolouts and more.  CHECK IT OUT….